this is the support programs page of the blind service association website.

support groups


Blind Service Association provides a comfortable and nurturing setting where visually impaired people of similar backgrounds can share their thoughts and feelings, gain valuable insights and information, form friendships, and show support as well as receive it. We sponsor five separate support groups for young adults, mid-life adults, seniors, and men and a healthy living group. An experienced facilitator who is visually impaired leads each of the support groups.

young adult

Any person who identifies himself or herself as a young adult may join. Typically, members are in their late teens, twenties, and thirties.


If you want to share concerns that people typically encounter in mid-life, this is your group. You may be thirty-, forty-, fifty-, or sixty-something.


If you are over 60 years of age and experiencing difficulty in adjusting to your vision loss this may be the group for you.


Men sometimes have issues that they wish to share only with other men. This is their group. Men 18 years of age and up may join.

healthy living

Good health may be paramount in stabilizing many eye conditions.